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Problem gambling can destroy relationships through the lying and dishonesty. Doing it once more is not going to win back all the money lost or cover the debts. Maybe you are that problem gambler feeling the isolation, embarrassment and guilt. You know it's just plain wrong to be putting the families security on the line perhaps even jeopardising their future.

The loss of freedom, potentially resulting from the problem taking things to far, can be irreparable to a family.

At Adelaide Gambling Help we have helped hundreds of people just like you with a complete, unique and easy process which can help you break free in a short time. (2 weeks)

In a short free consultation call we answer the questions you have and book you in for your 90 minute appointment.

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Customer story:

Simon was $150,000 in debt before he was 22.

The sounds and lights from the pokies had fascinated Simon for as long as he could remember. From the moment he turned 18, he gave in to his fascination.

Hours would pass, ....

Hours would pass, hours he should have been at Uni or studying, instead they were spent down the pub, feeding the pokies.

Now that he was living in the city to study, his parents would send him money regularly. Often he would go without proper food so he could feed the pokies instead.

Simon wasn't much over 19 when he succumbed to the lure and had stolen money to feed the machines for the first time.

He managed to keep his problem hidden from his family and parents for some years. However it caught up with him as he needed more and more to feed the problem. Eventually his parents caught on. By then Simon had started to take things from families and friends houses to sell at Cash Converters.

His parents had taken out a huge 2nd mortgage to pay all that back, just to save Simon from getting in trouble with the police.

No longer welcome at his families and friends, Simon became really withdrawn and started failing subjects at Uni. Feeling as if his parents didn't love him anymore as they would no longer send him spending money, instead arranged food purchases from the local supermarket for him.

What he didn't realise is that his mother would go to bed in tears, not knowing what to do to save her son. She didn't want Simon to end up in Jail and have his future taken from him.

Then one day his mother, Suzy, had read an article about Gambling Addiction which recommended the use of Hypnosis. Suzy, by now at her wits end, did some research and got in touch with a hypnotherapist and made an appointment for Simon.

Simon had been given an ultimatum, either he attend sessions or he would have to drop out of Uni and move back home.

To Simons relief, he found the simple and easy sessions very enjoyable and relaxing.

Some months have passed since his first session using this emotional mind technique. He still really doesn't know what happened and what the hypnotherapist did. But Simon's attitude towards study had completely changed, his grades were improving dramatically. He even had started to receive a small allowance again from his parents, which he spent wisely and occasionally was even able to treat himself to a meal out.

Whenever Simon walks past a pub, he doesn't even notice the sound coming from the pokies room.

We helped Simon regain his confidence and love for life being in financial and emotional control.

We can help you too.

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How does it Work?

Phone Consultation

The process starts with the Phone Consultation. During the phone call we will discuss your goals and identify a suitable treatment plan. Once these are identified then a price for therapy can be given. Next, we agree on times and the appointments can be made. A discount is given for full payment in advance.


Prior to the first session, basic information is gathered via questionnaires which you will bring to your first session. At the first session we discuss your goals in more depth, specifically the desired outcome of the session. At this point we will address any questions about Hypnosis. Therapy is delivered through EMP (Emotive Mind Protocol) method, a combination of unique powerful Psycho-education, Conversational Hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Tasks may be set to be completed between sessions along with audios provided to listen to.

Follow through

Between sessions support is available by text, phone or email, to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals. Motivation from a supportive Therapist is a critical factor in your success in the initial phases of change. Once your goals have been achieved and a maintenance session is advised every 3 months but is not obligatory

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