Self Exclusion and Exclusion Programs

Individuals can undertake to become banned from gambling at particular venues or on websites, through a process known as Self-Exclusion. 

Self-Exclusion is a service offered throughout Australia and New Zealand.  However contact details and requirements of the various self-exclusion (and exclusion) programs available for differing gambling forms may vary.

For more information about some of the major programs offered at Casinos, Hotel and Club Gaming Venues, Wagering Outlets and Lotteries please click on the links provided in each section below. 

In a number of jurisidictions self-exclusion is available from multiple venues and involuntary exclusion (venue initiated exclusion) or exclusion of others (Third Party exclusion) by concerned family members or others is also available.



Adelaide Casino Host Responsibility Program

Adelaide Casino through an integrated Host Responsibility program  has exclusion options available to allow a person to take a break whilst they review circumstances.  Options can be discussed with a Host Responsibility Coordinator at any time.

Find out more about the Host Responsibility Program at the Adelaide Casino  or call the Adelaide Casino Host Responsibility Coordinators who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on (08) 8218 4141.

Involuntary Barring and Family Protection Orders

In South Australia family members and concerned others can also initiate a barring (involuntary barring) or seek a Family Protection Order. 

Contact Consumer and Business Services (CBS) directly on 8204 9966 to discuss your options or find out more here


UBET Self-Exclusion Program

UBET operates in Qld, SA, Tas and the NT.   You can set a limit upon your expenditure or self exclude from gambling with UBET at any time. 

More information about Self-Exclusion from UBET is available here

South Australian Barring (Exclusion) Program - Hotels, Clubs, Casino, SA Lotteries and Wagering (Betting)

In South Australia exclusion (known as barring) from any form of gambling is available.  You can ask a gambling provider (venue) or Consumer and Business Services (CBS) to bar you from entering an area where gambling takes place. This can include hotels and clubs with gaming machines, and the Adelaide Casino.

You can also ask to be barred from gambling activities such as betting on racing and sport and commercial lotteries.

Barring from multiple venues is available through CBS.

Further information can be sought from the gamblng venue/provider or contact Consumer and Business Services (CBS) via 

Phone: 8204 9966 (direct line)
In person at the CBS Office: Level 4, 95 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
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